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August 23 2015


Professional Events Photo Booth Singapore For Lease

Looking for "keyword"? We think we are the right partner for your needs. To have a sustainable business, we need customers who trust us and choose to partner with us over the long term. We say "NO" to short-run business (where clients are conned) and instead seek and strive to establish a long lasting relationship depending on transparency and trust. As you continue reading, we promise you while being profit driven, we'll do our upmost to be fair and responsibile in our dealings with you. Our dedication to this values have earned us recurring customers.

The Singapore photobooth industry has revolved and the photo booth rental business has been flourishing subsequently. Till date, having a photo booth at an event is a very common sight nowadays and it had sort of become an obligatory act to provide a photo booth at an event in Singapore. At Instantly.sg, we offer photo booth rental service too. However, we differentiate ourselves by customizing our technology and architecture, so that the whole photo booth experience is professional, unique and fully tailored to your event and its marketing requirements (through the use of our marketing tools). So How Exactly Does OUR PHOTO BOOTH WORK? Take some props and strike a pose in front of our backdrop. With our 19 inch screen before you, you are able to pose and position yourselves accordingly in our photobooth. Once ready, our friendly photo booth singapore photo booth assistant will snap and capture the photo. Immediately, on the 19 inch screen in front of you, you'll be able to preview the photo captured. The photo will be embedded on your event’s custom design printout template, and get printed out instantly from our photobooth. To capture precious memories of an event, most event organizers will hire professional event photographers to roam around the event premises to take photos of the activities and happenings around. A lot of these event photographers probably will only send over the soft copies of all the photos taken to the event organizer photo booth after the event is over. From your guests perspective, they may never get to see the photo photo booth singapore that was taken (though they were the subjects of the photo). If some lucky ones, they will end up finding their photos in the event’s Facebook page after 4895489574 years. At Instantly.sg, other than helping you market your event’s brand, we also endeavor to assist you to delight the guests as far as possible. Which is the reason our Roving Photography service is unique from the service offered by other corporate event photographer or professional event photographer. Other than pure corporate photography (i.e., purely roaming around taking of photos), we are taking event photography one step further by allowing each one of these photos to be printed out instantly during your event itself! Now, your guests will be able to bring a copy of their photos home!How does it work? Our professional event photographer will roam about your event to take photos.Photos taken by our event photographer are going to be wirelessly transferred to our photo printer. Your event’s custom design printout template will be embedded on the photos. Photos will be printed out instantly and passed to your guests during your event.Our features are: the printout design can be fully customized to your taste. You can include your branding, logo or whatever you want; All printouts are printed using our excellent dye sublimation printer. One 4R photo can be generated within 8 seconds;Print as many photos as you like. No restriction at all;Choose from 4 different printout sizes. Double sided printout is available too;Choose from our range of professional photographers. All of our photographers use professional photography equipments catered for roving photography usage;Two Printing Modes;Each printout comes with a fully fitting protective plastic sleeve;After the event, all the photos taken will be hosted on our online gallery, You are able to download the softcopies or share it on social media.

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